Haunted Charleston and Bulldog Tours 
Old City Jail Ghost Hunt

Haunted Charleston Paranormal Investigations and Bulldog Tours  have put together a no frills paranormal investigation here in Charleston, South Carolina.
The group will accompany Karen Marr, HCPI Investigator and Bulldog Tours guide, into the Charleston Jail at 21 Magazine St. for this " Dead Time" Investigation.
The exploration begins at midnight on May 7th and will last until 4 A.M.
Please bring whatever equipment you like to hunt with: cameras, video, audio, meters, IR devices, thermal imaging eye wear.
For those with little or no equipment, you can simply bring a camera, compass, flashlight, etc. Equipment is recommended.
Tickets are $50.00 per person payable the night of the investigation. For ticket information & reservations call the Bulldog Tour Office at 843-722-8687 to secure your reservation today!
Check in is by midnight at the Bulldog Tours table where they will also offer t-shirts and " The Abode of Misery ", written by David Scott, an illustrated compilation of work about the jails long history.