Private Residence-June 5th 2009

 Client investigation in Summerville, South Carolina. A Small one story house with claims of sounds, voices and shadows through out the house and around the outside of the property. We did not catch any evidence but there was one odd event that happened. During on of the EVP session our investigator's(Lisa Myers) recorder stopped working when no one was holding our touching it and we could not come up with a logical explanation of how it happened. Other than that nothing out of the ordinary happened during the rest of the investigation. However, activity there has began to pick up some since our visit. We will go back for a follow up.  

Old City Jail- June 27th 2009

  The Old Jail building served as the Charleston County Jail from its construction in 1802 until 1939. In 1680, as the city of Charleston was being laid out, a four-acre square of land was set aside at this location for public use. In time a hospital, poor house, workhouse for runaway slaves, and this jail were built on the square. When the Jail was constructed in 1802 it consisted of four stories, topped with a two-story octagonal tower.The Old Jail housed a great variety of inmates. John and Lavinia Fisher, and other members of their gang, convicted of robbery and murder in the Charleston Neck region at the 6 mile inn that they ran themselves. They were imprisoned here in 1819 to 1820. Some of the last 19th-century high-sea pirates were jailed here in 1822 while they awaited hanging.
The jail was active after the discovery of Denmark Vesey's planned slave revolt. In addition to several hundreds of free blacks and slaves jailed for their involvement, four white men convicted of supporting the 1822 plot were imprisoned here. Vesey spent his last days in the tower before being hanged. Increased restrictions were placed on slaves and free blacks in Charleston as a result of the Vesey plot, and law required that all black seaman be kept here while they were in port. During the Civil War, Confederate and Federal prisoners of war were incarcerated here. It is one of more than 1400 historically significant buildings within the Charleston Old and Historic District.   Claims in the jail include apparitions, voices, objects being moved and tossed, people being touched and pulled on. Even jewelry missing at times from ladies who enter the building.  While some of the team have been been on tours of the jail with Bulldog Tours in Charleston we were lucky enough to have spent the night in the building itself. While we there on different occasions of tours personal experiences include seeing a person standing beside them one second and not there the next. The back of an investigators neck was brushed.  On our investigation we began by doing a sweep of rooms and started EVP sessions. We had camcorders and recorders going at all times. Only a few things happened while we were there. A voice was heard while 2 investigators were on the 3rd floor. Nothing from our photos  or on any other equipment was captured that night, however, plans on going back are in the works.