We are a group of uniquely trained and dedicated investigators of paranormal and non-paranormal activity. Our target area is Charleston and the surrounding areas to conduct our investigations into the paranormal. In certain cases we will travel out of these areas to accommodate the needs of our clients. All information and evidence will remain confidential unless our client allows us to use their information and or our findings as examples of our work for future clients and or advertisement. The mission of our group is to prove or disprove each individual case we receive, as to the existence of ghosts and or paranormal activity, through investigative and scientific methods. We will use infrared, closed circuit cameras, camcorders, digital voice recorders, wireless audio, electromagnetic field detectors, and various other electronic equipment to attempt to capture evidence of ghosts and or paranormal activity. We will rule out all “Natural Causes” during and after our investigations before considering any “Paranormal Activity” as the reason for concern in each individual case.We are a non-profit organization.